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Alex? Toe tapping, emotional pop-punk from a criminally underrated group Favorite track: Sell Your Soul.
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zacotero Short & Sweet, Fast & Loud.
Absolutely fantastic pop-punk with hooks straight out of a jukebox. Can't wait for the next one!! Favorite track: Boil Through.
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Elzhas I love every single song in this album. This band is so underrated. Keep it up guys! Favorite track: Cover of Moonlight.
Derek McDowell
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Derek McDowell ODD ROBOT continues to create solid albums with each song forcing you to sing along or tap your pen super loud at work annoying your co-workers. Favorite track: Cover of Moonlight.
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thaiguy20fromla Odd Robot is a sleeper supergroup of 90s pop punk veterans and they are OHSOGOOD. Songs of heartbreak, earworm melodies, and Andy's crooning makes you want to drink to former lovers' memories. Favorite track: West Coast Girls.
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did you sell your soul to rock 'n’ roll and get nothing in return? did you pay your debts in cigarettes oh, you love to watch them burn did you balance your insanity tightrope of mediocrity and pharmacopeia to kill the pain you love to cross those bridges that you’ve burned so many times firmly believing your own bullshit nursery rhymes here’s to wishing you so many unhappy returns oh I’m wishing you so many unhappy returns did you ever make it back to find a place to call your own did they greet you there with open arms or a pitchfork through your heart infinity’s just a figure eight through that bitter minefields’ shrapnel feast and severed limbs reveal your legacy
Amnesiatic 01:33
all the things that I forget to say amnesiatic in the worst way what’s her name again, what did she say something slapped my brain it’ll never be the same again absentmindedness, it’s true the bad ones, though, they stick with you and if you never let them out you will never see the light that’s lost inside of you all the things that I forget to do forget-me-not, am I in love with you? what’s the road that I forgot to take something slapped my brain it’ll never be the same again
rescue, rescue, I’m on my own stuck under the rubble with no telephone someone pick me up don’t wanna stay like this or take me back in time to an ignorant bliss I never wanted to find another way out you’ve been acting paranoid and suicidal you can take it, you can just leave it either way you better fucking mean it rescue, rescue am I dead? lying in a coffin shaped like my bed black out all my thoughts just make me numb or scratch out both my eyes, pull out my tongue
Take Me Away 00:56
take me away, take me away cause I don’t want no part of this emotionally challenged twelve-year-old trapped in the body of a man how did we end up with a failed business man with a finger on the doomsday vibe? you’re hardly even qualified to pull your own head out of your ass today take me away
is anyone out there? can anyone here me? show me some proof that you’re there not just some bullshit miracles written about 2,000 years ago when you die you’ll find that there’s really nothing there except the memories of those people who once cared are you scared? now I’m not saying you shouldn’t believe if it gives you some comfort that’s swell I’m only saying this isn’t for me cause I don’t believe in fairy tales
throw me out with the bathwater I’m losing all my skin been here too long and my escape hatch is locked down from the outside honestly, I’m tired of playing pretend I think that it’s time we’re pronounced dead I’m alive for the first time but barely, it seems, my dear crawling away from the landslide that buried me up to here honestly, I’m tired of playing pretend I think that it’s time we’re pronounced they come alive with the slightest of spark indifference to the damage that ensues all along how am I supposed to pretend that I’m not crumbling apart? they say you just carry on
so she lives inside your mind and you’re desperate to find a simple cure for this disease yet your hearts are intertwined now you’re trying to locate your diagonal cutters around the green and yellow wires to diffuse yourself in time but she won’t let you off that easy silly kid, are you fucking crazy? how she’s moving on, yet content to keep the leash so tight try as you might it’s no good at all my friend so you’ll scrape the ocean floor searching for the evidence of a grandiose design that will put your little mind inside a safely sealed bubble with your heart floating in tow but you’d best capitulate as she leaves you far behind
Boil Through 02:36
they say that life is short and, if so, why’d it take so long to finally find something worth dying for? tried my hand again looks like I’m lucky on this roll rolling thunder, roll that cloud away from me for good oh, I’m ready when the needle pierces through dominate my soul get under my skin boil through my blood and let your medicine begin to tear right through my heart coursing through my veins floating me high until I see you again one or two a.m. your apparition on my lawn when dying feels impossible to do set me up with your IVs to get me through ‘till dawn passing out’s the only thing for me right now, to do oh, I’m ready when the needle pierces through
tired of apologizing every single day tired of the things that bring me down tired of excuses made in every single way there’s nothing left to do or say I’ll take everything I own douse it in gasoline, oh, fire let’s take everything we own douse it in gasoline and we’ll light up tired of these plastic records this four-chord six string tired of these notes that I can’t sing tired of being twenty-something past twenty-something couple decades passed, irrelevant
they kissed under cover of moonlight I stumbled drunk into the night a traitor’s bloody knife so cleverly disguised behind her back they kissed under cover of moonlight I screeched the turns into the night a burning revelation distracted by a suicidal first responders turned me over black and blue and red all over your undiscovered secret lovers kept you clean and beautiful until you threw it all away they kissed under cover of moonlight a traitor’s bloody knife so cleverly disguised behind her back they kissed under cover of moonlight a burning revelation distracted by a suicidal’s knife
happy monday, hope you’re lonely and it’s fucking gray hope you have a work week filled with disaster and dismay empty gas tank, empty wallet no clean shirts, which stain should you put on? and I hope you’re still unhappy that would make my day as you’re parked there on the freeway cycling through one thousand regrets don’t you know that would make my happy monday, see you next never hope you’ve lost your way summers full of disappointment each and every day roach infested cocktail hour liar, liar, which face will you put on?
Hole Inside 03:20
there’s a hole inside of me that I try to fill with alcohol the psych tells me that it doesn’t work and I know she’s right but fuck it all I try a little too hard I’m working overtime to pay the misery debts I’m soaked and scattered how I nearly lost my mind hiding plastic all the time chatting in my sleep ripped apart at the seams wake up with me, bloody little angel you keep me safe when no one will fall into the bottle ‘till she breaks me down again won’t let no one take her away she kicks me up at 4 am oh, anxiety, anxiety! squinting eyes against the daylight it’s sickening, and I’m a mess
i got your letter in the mail today por avion it was marked outside that must have been a lonely ride I wasn’t one for writing a reply so I’m dying because you left me here and, come to think about it, you’re why I’m terrified of west coast girls you’re suicide you know you really freak me out you make me want to bungee jump without a rope into the deep blue sea five thousand, six hundred fifty-two miles in a sultry way, you convinced me to let you go into the past your calls from Paris, girl, I missed again so we blame it on the time difference but, come to think about it, you’re why I’m terrified of
settle in, settle down for it’s bound to be a long road now for sure oh please, my heart be still take your hate, lay it out it straight could it reach across the universe until it’s strong enough to kill? oh, this fire, she leaves me to the floor don’t pretend you didn’t plan this out as I will surely lose this game the longer that I play I’ve a fatal flaw in me that melancholy brings the darker side awaits as all the miniature mistakes pile up ‘till I spill but I’ll keep playing still I flee the scene a bit too late did I clean it up right? I surely don’t know if there’s bodies in the snow I screech the turns as my heart burns if I could drive this wreck faster you know I surely would but, somehow, I’m standing still


released August 3, 2018

Recorded at Buzzbomb Studios and Mind Control Studio. Mixed and mastered by Paul Miner. Drawings by Tim Cochran. Artwork/layout by Todd Smailes


all rights reserved



ODD ROBOT Fullerton, California

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